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Morph Microfactories

Pioneering the industrial adoption of composite structures 

through low-cost robotics and digital manufacturing

What are fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites?

Composite materials are synergistic combinations of two or more materials in a single system that exhibit improved properties compared to those of their individual components. Steel bar-reinforced concrete is a germane example of composite materials wherein without steel bars as reinforcement, concrete structures would be very brittle and are prone to failure under particular stresses (imagine how one would build a bridge without the idea of composites!). Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) composites are plastic-based materials incorporated with fibers that can achieve mechanical strength values 20x greater than their pure plastic counterpart. They are quite known for lightweight high-strength applications. In fact, carbon FRP (CFRP) composites can be stronger than Steel yet 5x lighter.


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Why choose Morph?

To fully appreciate the value of what we are doing, one needs to understand that FRP composites are currently only limitedly available in either of these two forms (some gray areas, but still largely representative of the current situation): 

  1. Luxury products in low-volume, specialized markets (e.g. aerospace, supercars, premium sports equipment) that require heavy capital investment and labor-intensive production;

  2. Affordable parts that compromise performance by either having too simplistic geometries (mostly flat parts as in CNC machined carbon fiber plates) or fiber-reinforced composites with poorly oriented fibers (injection molding, SMC, BMC, etc.). In both cases, structures only manifest at best 50% of their potential mechanical strength. 

Morph Microfactories challenges the status quo by offering scalable production of cost-competitive and high-performance FRP composite parts with versatile designs through our patent-pending Freeform Winding™ (FFW) Technology. Our next-generation manufacturing capability presents a paradigm shift for designers and engineers, enabling them  to deliver products with unprecedented durability and functionality. 


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The future with Morph 

Our goal is to bring the adoption of carbon fiber composite materials to the next level by breaking the ceiling for design limitations, production volume capacity, energy consumption, and overall cost. We intend to replace small to medium-dimension parts made from traditional materials such as plastic or metal with our products so that the world can benefit from having a material that is light and strong. Consumer electronics will be less burdensome to carry around. Last-mile transportation systems such as e-scooters, bikes, and boards would reap improved power output and extended mileage with lighter components. Drones and UAVs would achieve longer flight times and distances with less energy consumption from Morph FFW™ parts. 



With low-cost robotic systems and energy-efficient manufacturing techniques, we envision achieving rapid cross-boundaries expansion by localizing production through our distributed microfactories model. The factories of the future need not cover thousands of square meters in a singular monolithic facility that costs millions of dollars to set up only to suffer a logistic nightmare in global distribution. The factories of the future are thousands of medium-scale production facilities distributed all over the world powered by high-tech automation and digital manufacturing, operating remotely but connected in a virtual mega factory setup. 


Morph Microfactories is building the factories of the future! Shoot us a message to learn more!


Paul Ceralde, CEO

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Composite Materials and

Advanced Manufacturing


Ferdinand Briones, CTO

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Robotics, Computer Vision,

Deep Reinforcement Learning

Morph Microfactories Team


Jay Fajardo, Advisor

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Serial Entrepreneur,

CEO of LaunchGarage and Medifi


John Truman Tan, Advisor

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Product Engineer, Industrial Design

CEO of Vaquform Inc.


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